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Decorating Idea Kid Rooms Blog

  • An inexpensive way to give a canopy look without the heavy feel of a canopy bed. Often a child’s room is too small to carry off a large canopy bed—but your kids love the look. The solution: rods are afixed to the ceiling and to both sides of the walls. Sheer white fabric is draped through the rods and puddled on the floor.
  • Paint your walls and use white as the unifying color. Your room will pull together quickly.
  • Quick trick using fabric. Here different cotton print fabrics are overlayed on a square piece of wood covered in a thin layer of batting. Pull the fabric tightly and staple. Contrasting ribbon is criss crossed and a button has been attached.
  • This great piece of wall art does not match the bed covering but picks up the pastel colors of the bedding. Three small pillows, however, were made that carry those colors over to the bed.

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